Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets carry decorative interchangeable charms that often signify personal meaning to the wearer. Maybe you remember receiving travel charms from your grandmother or exchanging meaningful charms with your friends. The allure of charm bracelets has yet to fade away – the iconic heart tag charm bracelet of Tiffany & Co. is still regarded as a classic piece of jewelry, and we see many style sites (like Refinery29!) devoting post after post to how to find the right charms and style. In our post today, we want to tell you a little bit about the origins of the charm bracelet, give you tips on how to get these same looks for less and how to create your own!


Queen Victoria is often credited with starting the trend of wearing charm bracelets in the early 20th century and allegedly gave charm bracelets as gifts.

quen vic charm bracelet

Pictured above: One of Queen Victoria’s frequently worn charm bracelets, according the Royal Collection website.

Pictured below: Gold chain bracelet with nine enameled heart shaped lockets of different colors, each containing the hair of Queen Victoria’s children:

other quen vic charm

“This simple chain and locket bracelet is typical of the sentimental items Prince Albert gave to the Queen. The inscription on the clasp states that it was given to her three days after the birth of their first child, Victoria, The Princess Royal. A locket was added for each subsequent birth, each one containing a lock of the child’s hair and inscribed with the name and date of birth.” —Royal Collection

Lady Di is also well-known for her love of charms and is pictured wearing the charm bracelet below on many occasions. The “X” charm was given to her by her husband on their tenth anniversary.

collage_charm_bracelet lady di

In 2011 on her 50th birthday, The Danbury Mint introduced a new bracelet called “The Princess Diana 50th Birthday Charm Bracelet”. Each charm on the bracelet honors the admired aspects of Diana’s life, such as her devotion to her sons and her love of dance, while some even represent her popular titles – England’s Rose and Queen of Hearts:

di 50th anniv bracelet

Charm bracelets remain a signature staple in royal style today:

kate charm again

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge sporting a bracelet with a single “C” charm.

Other famous women sporting charm bracelets below include actresses Grace Kelly,

 Bette Davis, and Elizabeth Taylor.

 g kellyBette Davis charm bracelet (?)

Elizabeth_Taylor_1950s_35.jpgelizabeth taylor charm bracelet

Pictured above is Elizabeth Taylor’s gold bracelet of 20 charms which includes an engraved clapperboard commemorating “The Taming of the Shrew,” a gold jeweler’s loupe inscribed with Elizabeth’s name, and a gold sphere locket that opens to reveal four medallions—each one engraved with the names and birth dates of each of her four children (estimated worth: $25,000 – 35,000).

AlwaysBeListing features numerous vintage charm bracelets in addition to unique individual charms. Take a look at the charm bracelets page in our store!

able charm 4

rare signed sterling silver repousse heart charm bracelet


sterling silver mixed theme charm bracelet 
(including teddy bear, cake)

abl charm 1

sterling silver heavy mixed themes charm bracelet 
(including dog, horse, building)

sea charm bracelet

sterling silver sea theme charm bracelet
(including sea stars, fish, sand dollars)

unicorn charm

sterling silver heart and unicorn charm bracelet 

abl charm 2 - maybe

sterling silver cartoon pig and bunny charm bracelet

silver fruit charm

sterling silver fruit charm

abl charm 3

sterling silver multi heart locket charm bracelet

Interested in creating your own personalized charm bracelet? Start with a plain bracelet…

plain bracelet

vintage sterling silver shiny cuff charm bracelet

james avery

vintage James Avery sterling silver charm bracelet

…and add some charms!

bunch of charms

sterling silver multi charm pendant wholesale lot

 silver tear drop malachite charm

sterling silver tear drop malachite charm pendant

 texas charm

sterling silver Texas travel charm

Check out more vintage charm pendants in our store!


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