This Morning’s Top 6 Items

Some of today’s highest-bidding items include beautiful bracelets, rings, and classic sterling silver chain– some from established jewelry designers.

Diversify your jewelry collection with some of our affordable vintage pieces and place a bid today!


1. Vintage Gold over 925 Sterling Silver Garnet Cuff Bracelet 6.5” (20g) – 4239461`

2. Vintage JV 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Heart Chain Bracelet 7” (13.1g) – 425238


3. Vintage Milor Sterling Silver Heavy Italy Chain Bracelet 7” (25.2g)- 425187


4. Vintage S.T.S Sterling Silver Cluster Emerald Ring Size 7 (3.3g) – 424461


5. Vintage PGDA Solid 10k White Gold Mariner Chain Necklace 26” (14.3g) – 424879


6. Vintage Sterling Silver Mayan Calendar Dome Ring Size 11 (3.4g) – 425584


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