Silver Essentials

Essential Sterling Silver Jewelry

Every woman has her staples when it comes to her jewelry and accessories collection. Her essentials. Maybe it’s a bold cocktail ring, or maybe it’s a collection of thin stackable rings. One of my friends has a star pendant on a simple silver chain that she’s had for years and wears almost every day. The sentimental value behind our jewelry items plays a big role in how much we wear and how close we keep them.

Here are some ABL essentials. We are always listing new vintage sterling silver items, so check in with us every now and then. In the meantime, let us know–

What are your jewelry essentials?


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Faceted White Stone Ring Size 9 (4.2g) – 425535

Solid and unique, this ring could stand on its own and make a powerful statement about the person wearing it.


Vintage Sterling Silver Rare Bird Chain Necklace 25” (17.8g) – 419536

This dainty bird charm necklace is flirty and feminine. Can you see it adding some fun to your work wardrobe? Or complementing your casual weekend wear?


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Elegant Solitaire Opal Ring Size 7.5 (4.5g) – 419972

The gradient of this gemstone is just beautiful– like a beach sunset.


Vintage Sterling Silver Pink Faceted Tourmaline Ring Size 8 (5.3g) – 417057

Okay, you might not like this one if you’re not a fan of the color pink. But sometimes it’s just fun to indulge in your princess side, isn’t it?


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Unique Etched Angle Cuff Bracelet 5″ (10.7g)- 418546

What better says “I am queen” than this edgy, etched cuff bracelet at an angle?


Vintage Sterling Silver Heavy Turquoise Cuff Bracelet 7” (21.8g) – 408104

Simple. Bold. Elegant. Turquoise jewelry can be empowering.


Vintage Signed Sterling Silver Unique, Cuff Bracelet 6″ (9.6g) – 424724

Quite the minimalist piece. Pair it with an all black outfit or a polished, put-together professional ensemble and voilà: instant style.

Visit AlwaysBeListing to find your new silver essential.


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