Revamping Your Sterling Silver Flatware

Do you have sterling silver flatware that you don’t really use, but don’t want to get rid of? Maybe it’s collecting dust in the attic, or maybe it’s sitting in a pantry on display. What about finding a way to repurpose it? We’ve compiled a list of inspiring DIY ideas on turning your silver flatware into creative pieces of jewelry. These kind of craft projects are great for unwinding after a long week and challenge you to use your brain in different ways while tapping into your creative side.

How does it work? The process requires heating and bending the metal. For the craft inclined individual willing to commit to this project, click here for the list of items you’ll need and detailed instructions.

AlwaysBeListing’s Silverware Turned Jewelry Items

Take a look at our sterling silver flatware turned into jewelry! We are constantly updating our selection, so be sure to check in every now and then 🙂

1 2

Left: Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Bent Spoon Bracelet 7” (28.6g) – 424651

Right: Vintage SI Sterling Silver Heavy Bent Spoon Ring Sz 9.5 (15.1g) – 425746

Other Ideas:

Take a look at how some people have given their sterling silver flatware a new purpose and use:

1. Tinker Tinker Craft

A while back, the blog Tinker Tinker Craft posted 7 different ways to turn flatware into unique pieces of jewelry. Click here to see all of their ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:




2. Femail Creations

The website Femail Creations features various handcrafted items, holiday gifts, accessories, and home decor. While many of their items are creative, this flower necklace made from spoons caught our eye immediately.


Unique and stunningly intricate, this pair of silver plated jewelry pieces are made from recycled flatware. Bring your garden to your jewelry box with this adorable flower/bumblebee combo. Pendent: 1 ½”diameter. 16-18" adjustable chain. Handcrafted in USA.

3. LTCreatesJewelry

This Etsy shop boasts an impressive collection of silverware-turned-jewelry items. From earrings made of fork tines to bracelets made of spoons and knives turned into rings, there’s a wonderful variety of creative, unique, and fun jewelry pieces.

fork earrings


knife ring

Here are some other awesome silverware jewelry creations on Etsy:


Left: Fork Tines Silverware Necklace by Spoonerz
Right: Silver Spoon Bracelet Silverware Jewelry Pattern Jubilee by Revisions


Left: Spoon Jewelry Earrings 1936 CORONATION Vintage by magiccloset
Right: APRIL Spoon Bracelet by Dzines Laura


Left: Spoon Ring “Orange Blossom” 1910 Silverware by Kriz Silver
Right: Demitasse Fork Ring by Doctor Gus


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