13 Unique Music Themed Jewlery

From singing in the choir to playing in the band, to simply appreciating the artistry behind musicianship, music plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. What better way to remember your trumpet playing days than with a charm dangling from your bracelet or a pendant hanging from your neck? Need a gift for a music lover or dedicated musician? Take a look at some of the unique music-themed / music-inspired jewelry pieces available now on AlwaysBeListing.

Click on the name of the piece of jewelry to be taken to the page for that specific item, or click here to view all of our music themed jewelry.


1. Vintage SJC 925 Sterling Silver I Love Music Heart Charm Pendant (2.1g) – 432223


2. Vintage Sterling Silver Unique Music Note Charm Pendant (1.4g) – 432411


3 .Vintage Sterling Silver Unique Kokopelli Charm Pendant (1.3g) – 432381


4. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Unique Musical Note Charm Pendant (1.9g) – 432029


5. Vintage Sterling Silver Music Accordion Charm Pendant (2.5g) – 432272


6. Vintage Sterling Silver Music Trumpet Dangle Charm Pendant (2.2g) – 432253


7. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Tribal Music Kokopelli Ring Size 5.5 (4.7g) – 421912


8. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Music Guitar Chair Trinket (16.6g) – 422348


9. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Unique Music Note Pin / Brooch (4.2g) – 428078


10. Vintage Sterling Silver Dangle Music Trumpet Charm Pendant (1.5g) – 428256


11. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Music, Unique French Horn Pendant (2.6g) – 430303


12. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Treble Clef Music Notes Ring Size 8 (2.8g) – 430527


13. Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Unique CHOIR Music Charm Pendant (1.7g) – 431442

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