Spring Cleaning

As the cold winter weather melts away, warmer temperatures and a new season are right around the corner. The beginning of spring brings both that air of newness and the desire to strip away the old in order to make room for the new. Spring cleaning is a necessary and liberating step toward shedding the unnecessary. It’s a great time to go through and get rid of stuff you don’t need, clothes you never wear, and those appliances you didn’t use as frequently as you thought you would.

When going through your clothes, accessories, and jewelry, it can be overwhelming sorting through the things you’d like to keep, the things you rarely wear but think you could revive, and those that you know are going to Goodwill. Take a look at some of our tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe and accessories collection.

Three Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe and Accessories

1. Schedule a set amount of time on one of your days off.

Trying to conduct a wardrobe renovation after a long day at work isn’t appealing to most people. Instead, set aside a certain amount of time on your day off, when you have more time and energy, to tackle the project. You can blast some music, get to work, and fall into a groove. Getting in that rhythm makes it easier to accomplish your spring cleaning goals in no time.

2. Ask yourself: have I worn this within the last 6 months? Would I wear this right now?

It can be tough to decide whether or not to keep that cute top you forgot you had. Sometimes, all you needed was a reminder, and you can incorporate that item back into your wardrobe. Other times, you tell yourself you will find a new way to wear it, and it’s put away to be forgotten about all over again. When trying to make that decision between keeping or donating, ask yourself, “have I worn this within the last 6 months?” If the answer is no, toss it in the donation pile. “Would I wear this now? Today, right at this moment?” Again, if the answer is no, it’s time to part ways. It can be tough, but in the end, you’ll feel much more free knowing you are aware of what you own, and are no longer bogged down by unwanted stuff.

3. Come up with a new organization system.

Having an organized closet and set places for certain items will help you be more conscientious of what you already own, which will make it easier to put together certain outfits or looks. It will also make it easier to keep track of what you do end up wearing, and what you don’t, thus making all the following spring cleaning projects that much easier. The Container Store has creative ways to store items, and places like Target and Walmart also offer bins, shelves, and drawers that make organization easy. Keeping things organized will make the rest of the year a breeze, especially as you start purchasing and incorporating new items into your wardrobe and accessory collection.

Out with the old, in with the new

One of the most exciting things about spring cleaning is making room for the new. Getting rid of the things you no longer use, need, or want is a liberating feeling. The process of spring cleaning also helps you to think twice before buying new things, and can inspire you to only purchase items you are certain you will value.

At AlwaysBeListing, we aim to help reduce the amount of silver and gold jewelry that sits around collecting dust. At some point, this jewelry was new and exciting to the person that received it. We believe that that jewelry can still be exciting and like new, which is why we go through the process we do to salvage unique vintage pieces. We list new items every single day, so that our customers can keep an eye out for the special item that catches their eye.

We hope that our tips have inspired you to plan your next spring cleaning session and to make thoughtful purchases! Check in with us every weekend for our weekly blog post. Below are some pictures of some newly listed items from the week.


Vintage Sterling Silver Tourmaline & Tanzanite Ring Sz 7 (2.9g) – 433558 http://ebay.to/1Evwk2k


Vintage Sterling Silver Inlaid Turquoise Cross Ring Sz 6 (3.1g) – 432706 http://ebay.to/1Nqkg6G


Vintage Sterling Silver Radiant Faceted Citrine Pendant (7.3g) – 433428 http://ebay.to/1G6PsSX


Vintage Sterling Silver Round Faceted Tourmaline Pendant (7.4g) – 433354 http://ebay.to/1CHDt0k


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Round Faceted Peridot Earrings (5.9g) – 433369 http://ebay.to/1FkHNAr


Vintage Sterling Silver Faceted Citrine Dangle Earrings (9.5g) – 433366 http://ebay.to/1Mf1td5


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Round Freshwater Pearl Earrings (5.1g) – 433541 http://ebay.to/1wLXHEr


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver US Army Ring Size 14 (28.1g) – 432900 http://ebay.to/1E0kZWM


Vintage Milor 925 Sterling Silver Hinged Bangle Bracelet 7″ (14.4g) – 430967 http://ebay.to/1GqRAIA


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Fire Opal Ring Size 7.5 (4.5g) – 430880 http://ebay.to/1aQuuy5



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