Chain Styles

Ever wonder what the names of different chain styles are? Do you have a favorite type of chain? Chains vary in style, length, and thickness. Some are perfect for charm bracelets while some are great for stringing on that pendant you haven’t been able to wear in a while. Some chains are beautiful all on their own. A few of the most popular styles include curb, anchor, and herringbone, but there are many more, and it couldn’t hurt to be able to identify the different types just by looking. In this post, we break down the various types of chain styles so that you can make more knowledgeable jewelry purchases and impress your friends!

Below, we use examples of chains on If you see one you like, click on the title to check it out.

Curb Chains

Curb chains are very popular and you’ll find that many people use ultra thin curb chains for their pendants that they want to make into necklaces. Thicker curb chains make for bold bracelets, too!

curb 1

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Curb Chain Necklace 24” (103.3g) – 418048

 curb 3

Gold Over 925 Sterling Silver Reversible Curb Necklace 35” (141.6g) – 395213

Figaro Chains

Figaro chains generally consist of three short and one longer link. It’s a common pattern on many thick or thin necklaces and bracelets.

fig 1

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Etched Figaro Chain Necklace 28″ (69.9g) – 419884

fig 2

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Shiny Figaro Chain Bracelet 7″ (0.6g) – 419890

Cable Chains

Cable chains are usually on the thicker side, although thinner cable chains for necklaces do exist. They’re great for wearing on their own or for attaching charms!

cable 1

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Cable Chain Toggle Bracelet 8″ (19.7g) – 429705

cable 2

Vintage Sterling Silver Cable Chain Heart Charm Necklace 22″ (52.5g)- 422963

Snake Chains

One of the most popular chains, the snake chain resembles the body of a snake in it’s tight-knit, sleek links. Thick or thin, they are a jewelry essential for every wardrobe.

snake 2

Vintage Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet 7” (9.8g) – 435790


Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Unique Snake Chain Bracelet 7.5” (2.1g) – 427949

Herringbone Chains

Herringbone chains are delicate. They usually lie flat, although some herringbone chains come in a twisted style, which is also a very trendy option. They come in silver and gold, and some even come in braided styles that mix metals.

herri 1

Vintage Gold over 925 Sterling Silver Herringbone Necklace 16” (7.6g) – 434734

herri 2

Vintage BY 925 Sterling Silver Designer Herringbone Necklace (12.2g) – 394348

Anchor Chains

Many anchor chain jewelry pieces come with an anchor fastening as well. As you can see, this chain is unique with the line that links top to bottom.

anchor 1

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Anchor Chain Necklace 20″ (37.8g) – 419096

anchor 2

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Italy Mariner Anchor Bracelet 7” (6g) – 432406

To compare chain styles, you can refer to this chart:

Chain Styles

Original image:

If you have a pendant that you’d like to make into a necklace, or a few charms that you’d like to use to create your very own personalized charm bracelets, taking a look at various chains could help you make your decision. Sometimes it’s necessary to get a less expensive chain while at other times you need to splurge to get the quality you want. As you can see from the examples above, some chains are perfect for adding little charms or pendants, while some stand beautifully one their own. Which chain is your style?

We are always adding new vintage chains, so be sure to check in frequently! Take a look at all of our chains available now:


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