Did you know that bangles originate from South Asia? Namely, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is common tradition for a new bride to wear glass bangles at her wedding– and the honeymoon lasts until the last bangle breaks.

Bridal bangles-003
Image found here.

Image found here.

Bangles also have significance in Hinduism and Sikhism. In Sikhism, for example, the kara is a simple and elegant silver colored bangle, usually made of steel or iron. It is one of the five external articles of faith that identify a Sikh as dedicated to their religious order. To find out more about the kara and the other external articles of faith, click here.

Image found here.

While it holds less symbolism in the west, the bangle has become an accessory staple amongst western populations. Bangles are versatile: you can stack a large amount, wear only a few, or simply sport one. They come in a vast array of colors, materials, and styles.


Author of “Fancy Things” blog showing off a lovely collection of Kate Spade bangles (image found here).


Actress Drew Barrymore displaying beautifully stacked gold bangles and other bracelets (image found here).


Blogger of “Fashionable Fiona” exhibiting collection of various bangles (image found here).

The French designer, Charles Garnier, has a collection of bright, shimmery bangles, that all at once express edgy, sophisticated, and effortless style.


Vintage charles garnier bangle:


Vintage charles garnier stud bangle:


Vintage charles garnier stud bangle:

The above Charles Garnier bangles (and cuffs!) are available now at Grab them before it’s too late!

Here are some other ABL bangles:

bangle 1

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Gleaming Cat’s Eye Bangle

bangle 2

Vintage Sterling Silver Bangle

bangle 3

925 Sterling Silver Heavy Turquoise Navajo Bangle

bangle 4

Vintage Sterling Silver Heavy Belt Bangle

bangle 5

Vintage BARSE Sterling Silver Heavy Bangle

Whether you choose to accessorize with a stack of thin ones or make a statement with just one heavy, ornately designed one, bangles are a fun way to spruce up any outfit and express your own unique style.


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