Vintage Treasures

There’s something special about buying a vintage, pre-owned item. We wonder who owned this particular piece in the past, what it meant, who gave it to him or her, and how it came to be in this vintage shop or eBay store today. There’s also something satisfying about bringing an old item back to life, and styling it in a fresh way.

vintage 2 vintage-shopping

In this fascinating and eye-opening TED Talk, designer Jessi Arrington talks about conscious consuming and details her experiences buying only pre-owned, vintage, thriftstore clothing and accessories. She pulls off interesting looks with this method– sometimes refined and simple, and other times loud and funky.

jessi arrington

Many of her outfits include multiple colors and patterns that complement her charisma and charm. Arrington goes into detail about why she has chosen to stop buying new items and how we can all reduce our carbon footprints with more mindful buying. Check out her talk, “Wearing Nothing New,” here.

In this post, we have compiled a list of our favorite vintage treasures. Click on the photo for more information on the item, and let us know what you think!

1. Travel Charms

These charms could bring nostalgia to any traveler. What better way to remember your travels than by sporting these sweet souvenirs right on your wrist? Take a look at these:

paris charm

Alamo Travel Charm

NY travel charm

California travel charm

Louisiana travel charm

Nevada travel char

TN travel charm

$_57 (1)

$_57 (2)


2. Statement Chains

We have a variety of chains. Whether thin or thick, you’ll find foxtail, cable, curb, figaro, rolo, byzantine, snake, serpentine, omega, and many more chains in our store.

chain 1

chain 2

chain 3

chain 3 b

 chain 4

3. Bold Cuffs

Sometimes all you need to accessorize an outfit is a large, bold cuff bracelet.





4. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are fun for parties or special occasions, but they’re also great for adding some flair to an outfit. Check out these unique vintage cocktail rings:

cocktail 1

cocktail 2

cocktail 3

cocktail 4

You can find more vintage treasures by checking out our site. Shop by category, newly listed, or by price! The majority of our items are unique, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry pieces.

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