About Us


Why let vintage jewelry collect dust, or worse, be melted? There are so many beautiful, unique vintage pieces out there that go unworn and unwanted. The possible stories behind these items are unimaginable, and each seems to hold a quiet air of mystery.

At AlwaysBeListing, we love this mystery. We love thinking about the history of each piece. Where has this bracelet been? Who did this necklace belong to? Where this person find these charms?

Our goal is to find those special items for our customers who love all things antique, retro, and vintage. We offer advice on how to wear old items in new and innovative ways. We treasure each find. We are reclaiming and repurposing these pieces. We are reviving vintage.

We aim to always be listing a wide selection of remarkable vintage sterling silver jewelry to our customers who love to hunt for treasure as much as we do.

Visit our webstore and get FREE SHIPPING!

And check out our eBay store for auctions (we’ve been selling on eBay for almost 3 years!)

Feel free to connect with us, we’d love to hear from you.







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